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Athlete Management:

Professional athletes need professional management - on and off the pitch.

We understand the needs and aspirations of players better than lawyers and media moguls. We communicate and connect with managers in the football language they are open to, to ensure they have a profitable and honest relationship with our talent.

We know how to balance an athlete's playing responsibilities with their commercial careers, during and after their playing days.


Pro player contracts:

The ever changing world for a modern day footballer requires an agency to have the inside track on which club is looking for which type of player and a key contacts list to ensure the best possible move for each player.

We manage and develop all aspects of a player's contract to allow the athlete to concentrate and develop their game without the politics, stress and negotiations of a contract.

We also manage and advise on all aspects of a player 's financial and lifestyle requirements.



Youth development:

A young player's career can be very fragile and end before it has begun.

The right club - not contract - and the best coaching staff, are so vital in helping them to develop to their full potential.

We carefully analyze each player and develop solid career advise on which club suits their needs at that time, with access to specific trainners, development specialists and former players to advise on all aspects of their game and career choices.



Legends from the game:

Most players still seek lucrative contracts and commercial work once they hang up their boots.

We manage and represent various legends from the game across their work as managers. coaches, media and TV appearances, PA's and corporate function appearances.

Through our clients, network of contacts and own in-house projects we can continue the careers of players in the game way beyond their playing days.



Football Freestylers:

We provide some of the world's leading football freestyle talent for events, media productions and soccer schools across the world.

We have provided freestyle football talent for some of the world's leading brands, clubs and organisations including FIFA, The FA, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Tottenham Hotspur, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nike, Puma, Ford, Lucozade Sport & many more.

We have also produced digital media products around the talent we have worked with and created soccer academies teaching children their amazing soccer skills.



Body Doubles & Extras:

Soccer TV commercials, football viral videos and photo shoots often require good football body doubles, extras and lookalikes to maximize the football action and pro player's time on set.

We have an unrivalled network of experienced body doubles, extras and lookalikes who provide valuable football acting, movement and skills.

Our talent can choreograph scenes, provide realistic background movements, perform skills and complicated football moves


Athlete case studies:

Vision Sports Media secure a pro contract at 16 for young Saudi Arabian talent Ahmed Abdulla with Premiership London side West Ham United.

Having spent 3 years with Arsenal as a youngster, Ahmed had a choice of Premiership sides as well as the option to stay with the Gunners, but chose to learn his trade and develop under Tony Carr at the Academy of football.

Vision Sports Media secure an endorsement deal for football freestyler Billy Wingrove with L'Oreal.

Billy appears on the packaging and all promotional material for the new hair product across the UK and Europe.

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