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Football film production:

Ever cringed at the lack of realism in a football scene in a TV commercial or film?

We know what you mean....

Filming football content is a different ball game - literally - than filming a car, clothing or mobile phone commercial.

We provide football specific techniques, crew and equipment to ensure the content is realistic, exciting and captivating - just as football should be.


Football filming crew & equipment:

Even the greatest footballers need coaching from time to time. Well, they do on a film or photo set....

We provide football experts to demonstrate, advise and choreograph certain football moves to get the most from the athlete on set.

Our extensively experienced choreographers are football people who know how to bridge the difference in working cultures between media crew, such as directors, and professional players, to keep the communication flowing and to get that priceless extra take or shot from the athlete.


Post Production & delivery :

Production creates the jigsaw - but post production puts the pieces together.

Football allows boundaries to be pushed and broken with post production, and our creative team can break those boundaries using the state of the art technology and techniques to enhance the production content with graphics, motion capture, backdrops and amazing animations.

We have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to build any type of post production project, using the very latest software and creative minds to make your football commercial, viral or DVD stand out.



Merchandise design & production:

Good football content can also be sold as DVDs and also purchased as downloadable media through digital web portals such as itunes.

Through our football freestyle talent, we have great experience in producing and distributing football DVDs.

We also have the key contacts to produce and distribute football content through digital channels such as itunes.

Through our experience and success, we can also produce and manage the marketing campaigns for both retail DVDs and digital versions.



Digital Media Production & Delivery:

The world of football websites has moved on. Video content, imges, social media sites and e-magazines have now replaced static or flash websites.

We can manage all your soccer digital media channels.

Our designers have the latest software to integrate your video content, images and news across your website, social media channels and customer/client newsletters, into a unique and innovative design that represents your brand.



Football photography:

The pace and nature of football makes it very difficult to capture the right moment.

But capturing that moment can deliver such impact to your campaign.

We have a network of skilled sports photographers who have shot some of the world's best footballers, in matches and on photo shoots.

We can provide high-end sports photography on location and in studio.



Football Motion Capture:

Football Motion capture is now being widely used across film, commercials and training videos as well as video gaming.

We have extensive experience in providing football motion capture shoots for video games, commercials and graphic i-dents.

We have access to one of the leading motion capture studios in the world, using the latest in motion capture technology.

Our body double talent are very experienced in providing the football movements for this type of shoot and have provided the motions for commercials such as Puma, Bet365 and video games such as ISS and Pro Evolution Soccer.


Media Production Case Studies:

Vision Sports Media deliver the production and talent for the Lucozade Sport skills challenge campaign across digital media.

Using the latest in slow motion camera technology we produced an amazing set of viral videos with Billy Wingrove setting challenges for football fans to master.

Click here to see the videos.

Vision Sports Media provide the body double talent and football choreography for the latest Turkish Airlines Man Utd commercial.

Stars such as Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Carrick were covered by our body doubles and choreographed by Billy Wingrove in the cabin of a Turkish Airlines plane.

To see the commercial, click here.

Vision Sports Media provide football production and talent for the Ford Uefa Chmpions League commercial idents.

Our football extras and freestylers provided the talent for the football scenes throughout the series of idents, seen throughout the world.

To see the idents, click here.

Vision Sports Media provide the talent for football and other sports, for the Xbox Kinect Sports game.

Our football extras supplied the movements and motion capture for our technicians to render and supply for the game characters to be built.




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